“Will you give up?” they ask. “Or will you try again?”

Light explodes into my dreams, ethereal and blinding.

It’s time to wake up.

*          *          *

I opened my eyes to the familiar wooden rafters arching over me as the light diminished into the grey glow of dawn.

Morning. I stretched and yawned, the unyielding mattress beneath me barely sinking as I sat up, fully-clothed, to leave last night’s nightmares on the pillow where they belong.  Continue reading


Sunset’s Song


I slide into the living room and close the door behind me. Like clockwork, I step into my slippers waiting on the floor, remove my tie and sink into the armchair. The television stares back at me from the other side of the room, gleaming as if recently polished. Most of the things in here are gleaming. The window-panes, the fireplace, the old piano. They all sparkle in a conspiratorial manner, attempting to distract me from the fact that actually, the telly is never on, the fireplace hasn’t been lit in months and the lid of the piano is always shut. I wish there was a bit of dust around here sometimes. Something to show the mark of time, the mark of life. It’s like a showroom – perfect but empty, and I’m just part of the display.

What happens next?