The Golden Days


The years gone by were golden days 
When as a girl, her simple ways 
Allowed a pure and childlike Sight 
Of all those creatures of the light. 
She watched them perch on dainty flo’ers 
And burst through dew in sparkling sho’ers. 
She chased them through the to’ering trees 
And watched them chased by birds and bees. 
Their restless wings would catch the sun 
And glow blood-red as day was done, 
Their tinkling laughter filled the night- 
Oh tiny creatures shining bright! 
There was no room for doubt in mind; 
Her Ma and Pa must both be blind. 
Their claims she stubbornly dismissed 
Of course the faeries did exist! 
Naïve, her Sight was clear and true 
Untainted by what adults knew. 
She spent her days in careless bliss 
Oh golden days that she would miss!

How quickly adolescence came 
A shock of knowledge and of pain 
A pinpoint prick so bittersweet 
A rushing wave of rising heat

Her Sight was gone; she could not see 
The darling creatures full of glee. 
Her garden seemed so grey and cold 
Her childhood haunts so worn and old. 
She found herself on her old swing 
All hung with rope, a treasured thing 
She rocked and rocked and held so tight 
Her swelling bump, and eyes squeezed tight
She softly wept for such a cost 
Of childhood innocence always lost.


One thought on “The Golden Days

  1. leeminha says:

    This speaks to me because often times feel like this too. Thank you for sharing. Please read a similar work of mine and give feedback.

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